Welcome to Unity Server i26!

This City of Heroes private server was created for friends to play together in a fun atmosphere.

i26 Client Download

To download the Sweet Tea launcher, please go over to The Download Page:

    Download the Sweet Tea from here.

To download the Sunrise launcher, please go over to github:

    Download the Sunrise from here.


  1. Sunrise or Sweet Tea go in to options.
  2. Add the new Manifest and revalidate
  3. https://cityofheroesunity.com/i26Unity.xml
  4. and when its done u can play
  5. if u obtain issues contact admins

To download the client, please follow these steps:

  1. Links will be updated Shortly.
  2. Extract it somewhere convenient.
  3. Run "UnityCOH.bat" and login with the account created above.

This Donation goes to the support Of Unity Only!

This is your choice to decide to donate or not. server still stay up for you and your friends to enjoy.

We do not demand or request u to donate because we let you decide to donate. if u have question ask the admins for more info

Server status

Server started on 2021-09-28 15:35:57, running for 492 hours 13 minutes

There are 2100 registered accounts holding 5696 characters.

Enjoy The Game its made for YOU